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Group Members

Marshall Pugh (2005-2006) (also sang baritone)
Matt Felts (2006-2008)

Gary Casto (2005-2006)
John Tidwell (2006-200?)
Daryl Williams (2008)

Josh Singletary (Also played piano) (2005-2006)
Marshall Pugh (also sang tenor) (2006-2008)

Dennis Dugger (2005-2006)
Brad Smith (2006-2007)
Jerry Pilgrim (2008)

Josh Singletary (Also sang baritone) (2005-2006)
Lucas Case (2006-200?)

Monument Quartet (2005-200?)


Monument Quartet formed in 2005 after the retirement of the Wilburns. Former Wilburns members Gary Casto (lead) and Josh Singletary (baritone) joined forces with Marshall Pugh (tenor) and Dennis Dugger (bass) to launch the new venture. They released a self-titled debut CD that same year.

It proved to be a short-lived partnership. The following year, Casto, Singletary, and Dugger departed to form Tribute Quartet in the early fall of 2006. By November of 2006, Pugh had assembled a new lineup consisting of Matt Felts (tenor), John Tidwell (lead), Brad Smith (bass), and Lucas Case (piano). Pugh shifted from tenor to baritone.

In 2007, Pugh announced the group would be shifting its focus to fairs and festivals with a goal of filling the void left by groups like the Statler Brothers and Oak Ridge Boys who performed a mixture of gospel and secular country music. After another year or so and a few more membership changes, the group disbanded.


2005 Monument Quartet (River Of Life Music Group/5052): Time To Rise; Cross Over Jordan; Roll On; When They Ring The Bells Of Heaven; Song Of The Redeemed; Some Day Soon; Who's Gonna Teach Them; Mr. Darwin; Grace At It's Best; I Would Not Be Denied; Cleansed, Clothed And Crowned; Getting Ready To Leave This World; It's Just Like Heaven (Marshall Pugh, Gary Castro, Josh Singletary, Dennis Dugger).

200? Stand Strong (Matt Felts, John Tidwell, Marshall Pugh, Brad Smith, Lucas Case).
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Page last modified on February 14, 2020, at 10:12 PM EST